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Wigmore Hall – 16 January 2023


Matouš Pĕruška, violin

Kristina Vocetková

Jan Vojtek, piano

This was the biggest musical surprise of the last decade at the Wigmore. I have seen a lot, lived a lot, and I am not exaggerating with this statement. I expected an average Sunday recital. And for a concert hall with such a standard, that isn’t something to take mildly, as the audience is used to a certain level of delivery.

After having a generous brunch in Fitzrovia, I was ready to discreetly burp away through Dvorak and Liszt. But I had to hold my breath in admiration for an hour of pure delight and utter genius on stage.

Trio Bohemo were on fire. The connection between the musicians was symbiotic. They played, danced, sweated and smiled in total synchronicity. There was an element of wilderness, a sublime feral, ritualistic ecstasy. They enjoyed themselves as much as we did. The manbun was falling down with all the head shaking, the San Pellegrino bottle rolling on the stage floor, the shoelaces were undone, oh shiny shoes. Energy in its purest form. Electrifying. Making the audience mentally salivate like hyenas in front of the most delicious musical offering.

The pianissimos, the bow touching the strings with such precision and magic…this was on the highest level I’ve ever seen/heard. The pianist, Jan Vojtek, a virtuoso, blending in wonderfully with the other two and taking charge with dramatic power when needed. The violinist, Matous Peruska, a fiery master, with limitless amounts of energy and also a very delicate touch – like a poem, whispered in the dark. The cellist, Kristina Vocetkova, I doubt there was anyone in the audience who didn’t fall in love with her. Her passion and talent were beyond remarkable. The three of them, who are these people? They should be everywhere! They are the music that this world needs. The gold amongst all the dirt.

They told us a tale with Dvorak. Carefully sharing all the different, atmospheric, moods. A truly fine interpretation that should become a reference for this piece. I repeat, the gold amongst all the dirt, that is what Trio Bohemo is.

Liszt was Liszt, as Liszt is (I love Liszt, but we all know how he can be sometimes). And as an encore they played a piece by a Greek/Chec composer, Marios Christou, especially written for them, a perfect way to end a memorable matinee.